Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Looking Over My Shoulder - Exploring The Bay Circuit Trail

Two of the things I enjoy most about trail running is spending time outdoors with friends and exploring trails in new areas.  During my five run, 103 mile journey on the Bay Circuit Trail back in 2011, I got to do both.   I experienced an eclectic mix of technical single-track, dirt roads, city streets, open meadows, dense forests and historic landmarks. I've compiled photos taken along the way into five video slide shows.  Perhaps they will inspire you to get off the road and discover this underutilized gem.
Day 1: Newbury to Rowley

Day 2: Rowley to Boxford

Day 3: Boxford to Andover

Day 4: Andover to Chelmsford

Day 5: Chelmsford to Weyland


  1. Dan, Very nice photos of the Bay Circuit Trail. Thanks for sharing.

  2. some really great shots.. what a beautiful place to run.. thanks for sharing

  3. YES! so many fond memories. I wish I could have made more out there with you!


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