Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wakely Dam Ultra Course Preview

With three weeks to go until the Damn Wakely Dam Ultra in New York's Adirondack Wilderness it was good to see Co-RD Doug conduct a recon mission to get an update on trail conditions.  Most of the North East experienced heavy rains this past spring and upper state New York had serious flooding in many areas. It was no surprise to me to see much of the trail wet and muddy.  The rivers and creeks were so swollen that some bridges were destroyed.  They wont be repaired for quite some time so the rivers will be crossed Rucky Chucky style on race day.  I cant wait!

Check out the course flyover below.  It makes 33 miles look like a very long way to run.

All photos below courtesy of RD Doug G.

One of the few drier sections.

This was more typical.

Looks more like a brook than a trail.

Wet and overgrown.

As if the mud wasn't bad enough there were several blowdowns to contend with.

This will certainly slow your pace.

Better bring a change of socks!

Fast moving water.

Foundation of bridge.

The rest of the bridge was swept down stream intact.

More photos from Doug's run can be found HERE.

It looks like Wakely 2011 will be a wet and wild run.  All I can say is I hope the trail doesn't dry up too much in the next three weeks.  What fun would that be?

Think rain!

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  1. Looks like fun enjoy the course & long may you run.


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