Friday, July 8, 2011

Product Review - Injinji Lightweight No Show Toesock

I've been a fan of Injinji socks for a number of years so when I was asked to test their new lightweight, no-show performance series sock I was happy to accept. 

During much of my 40 years as a runner I've been prone to blistering.  Then I discovered Injinji socks and I've been nearly blister free since then.   In fact, I can only remember getting blisters twice in the past five years while wearing Injinji's and both times my feet were wet for several hours before the blistering occurred.  

So what makes Injinji's so special?

The obvious difference is in the design of the sock itself.  Injinji's fit the foot like a glove instead of a mitten like conventional socks.  This has two advantages.  First, it separates the toes so there is no skin-on-skin rubbing. This rubbing is a major cause of blistering between the toes.  Second, the individual toe design helps keep the foot cooler and reduces moisture buildup.  Moisture is also a major contributor in the development of blisters.  Lastly, Injinji socks are seamless and provide a custom-like fit.  The snug fit eliminates wrinkles which reduces your chances of blistering.

What I like most about the new Injinji's are their incredibly light weight.  When I wear them it almost feels like I am running sock-free.  Because the Injinji's are so thin you get a very good feel for the trail when coupled with a responsive trail shoe.   These no-shows are a perfect match for a pair of Vibram Five Fingers.  Road racers will also appreciate their lightness.   An added bonus is the fact that these sock dry much faster than most other socks.  This is key when running trails with water crossings as wet feet can eventually become blistered feet.

The only downside to running trails with the Injinji no-shows is your apt to pick up some trail debris because they ride so low on the ankle.  This can be overcome by wearing gaiters or getting the Injinji Lightweights in the mini-crew or full crew version.   I see no downside for road runners.

Give Injinji's a try and say goodbye to blisters.

injinji toesocks are available here at:


  1. I know that you just started using them, but are there any issues with durability? I read that they are somewhat fragile

  2. Anon,

    I have worn other Injinji performance socks and they lasted a good while. They are also thicker than the lightweight version. I imagine the lightweight will not be as durable.



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