Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stone Cat, Or Not?

I sure do have some crazy running friends.  Steve ran the Vermont 100 Endurance Run in July on training of 11 miles a week.  He went into the race with a bad IT band and had to hobble the last 80 miles to the finish line.  Talk about determination!  Another good bud Streph, also ran the VT 100 with only one 20 mile long under his belt. He says he likes to under train and then taper for a race. It seems to work for him.  Perhaps the craziest of all is my friend KZ, who ran the VT 100, Escarpment (hardest race on the east coast) and the Speed Goat 50K (a tough mountain ultra in Utah) on consecutive weekends in July!  He's pretty quiet about his training method but I think it involves one mid-week training run and a race every weekend.

For me, the past six months have not been much fun.  To summarize:
  1. I got injured.
  2. Took off six weeks
  3. Returned to running too soon and developed chronic IT band tightness and pain.
  4. Been averaging 12 miles of very slow running per week.
  5. Did one long run of 15 miles.
So, I've been thinking to myself, "This is no way to prepare for a marathon. There's no way I can run Stone Cat this year." Or can I?

If I asked any one of my friends mentioned above they would likely tell me I'm over trained for such a short distance.  "It's only a stinkin' marathon!" they may say.  Actually, I received a text message from KZ the other night.  It was short and to the point.  It simply said, "Training is for wussies." 

I think I just made up my mind.


  1. I say do it! What do you have to lose? The off season is upon us:)

  2. I think you should give it a shot! You can see you you feel after the first loop. I couldn't even get into Stone Cat this year, it filled up so (relatively) quickly.....

  3. Dan, I'll be there walking. Can't not go. Remember the long term health view versus immediate gratification. Still, toe the line, you won't regret it even if you have to walk with me and make jokes along the way. Heck why not start with me? Remember the 50k I did on an 10 mile long run? hoot hoot

  4. Emily & Dan
    I will miss you both loads!!!!
    Dan I suggest you go and walk hobble laugh and giggle with that gorgeous kitty Emily...see KZ, Steve, Streph, Julie, Rob and so many other wonderful smiling a loop for me : )
    Kisses & Hugs and well wishes for a fantabulous Saturday!!!!

  5. Michelle, you'll be missed tomorrow. Hope to see you in Blue Hills one of these days.

  6. Thanks for the mentions Dan... if there was any doubt for you that late before the race, I'm glad the text helped convince you to run ;-)

    Congratulations on a great finish Saturday... looking forward to a winter of trail runs with you. See you soon!


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