Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Lost

I can hardly believe summer will soon be coming to an end.  Even though it's not my favorite season (especially for running) I still hate to see it pass.  Speaking of summer running, I haven't done much of it.  My ITB injury is proving to be as stubborn as Garry Harrington's ass (as in burro) and it's healing oh so slowly. In fact, I only ran 110 total miles during the months of May, June and July. I know Vermont 100 finishers Steve and Streph would call 110 miles in 3 months over training but I like to train more for my mental health than physical. August is starting out slightly better but I still have knee pain whenever I run more than 5 or 6 miles.  It's been, and continues to be, a long process but I hope to be fully recovered by the spring of 2011 so I can run a few ultras that interest me.

Not running so much has freed up a fair amount of time to pursue other past times such as camping, hiking, biking, gardening and volunteering at the weekly races in Lynn Woods.  It's also allowed me to check off a few long-standing items on the honey-do list.  Still, the list just seems to grow longer each year.

Base camp at Mt. Desert Narrows

The ocean was about 20 yards from our tent.

The ocean breeze did a good job of keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

Scorpion rock.

Watching the sun set.

We got to witness this every evening.

Off to hike Cadillac Mountain.

Up and away.

Taking a look behind.

But this is where we're heading.

From here these islands look like stepping stones.

Closing in on the summit.

We stopped smiling after we realized we had to hike back down to our car.

Biking on the many miles of fine carriage roads in Arcadia National Park.

These gravel carriage roads are in better condition than most of the roads in Massachusetts.

A tranquil pond.

And rushing water.

Eagle Lake

Taking a break at Eagle Lake.

This is a good place to start your hike around Eagle Lake.

Back home tending to the salvias and celosias.

And impatiens

An osteospermum draped swan.

It's a yellow rose but it ain't from Texas.

Yes, I've been keeping busy but damn, I'd rather be running.


  1. Dan, so sorry to hear your knee is still giving your trouble and I know how frustrating it is as I'm there as well. One thing I've noticed that has helped me more than anything is mountain biking (cycling at the gym if I can't get in a mtn bike ride) and hitting the weights to strengthen my legs to make them stronger for running. It definitely sounds as if you are on the right path and doing the right things with your cycling and hiking.

    Cadillac Mountain looks absolutely stunning and you got some fantastic photos of it. The mountains with the water in the back ground is absolutely stunning.

    BTW: I am like you in that summer is not one of my favorite seasons at all, but I hate seeing it pass. Take care and keep the faith as I know you will be back to normal again running wise as long as you listen to your body instead of being stubborn and ignoring it. Take it from me, that never works. ;-)

  2. Sorry about the knee. Stubborn!
    But, I see that you are enjoying the summer and that is great! The pics are amazing!

  3. I think some time off from running (forced or voluntary) to enjoy other things is a good thing! It helps us gain perspective. Until I first injured my back about 6 or 7 years ago, it never occured to me that I was missing out on things because of all the time I spent running and racing. Now I'm back to running and racing, but in moderation! Good luck with the knee, and keep on enjoying all the other activities you can still do.

    BTW we're heading to Acadia the second week of September. Your photos have got me excited for the trip! I might even run a little while I'm there. Nah, too much hiking and biking to enjoy.

  4. Kim, I’m trying to be as patient and cautious with my recovery as possible. I’m getting tired of being injured most of the time.

    Ana, I’ve been know to be a little stubborn myself. I guess this is payback. :)

    Laurel, going forward I’m trying to build in enough rest by only running 3-4 days a week. Have fun on your vacation. There is so much to do there that you may not even want to run. Although, I admit the carriage roads would make for a great training run. Plenty of elevation change.

  5. Great pictures Dan, as always. It's great to see you've been out having fun and getting some exercise, despite your injury. You could have just spent the summer being a grumpy old man!

    Bill H

  6. Dan! Love the photos and also the ones from MDI. I totally get the time off thing, eh. You got nuthin' to prove to no-body. no body! You're one tough nugget no matter!
    huff huff, see you in the fall, at a minimum..even if it's over a Kane's.

  7. Bill, I'm pretty darn grumpy even when I am running.

    Emily, any time you want to go for a short, slow run let me know.... or a Kane's. It's all good.


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