Friday, July 16, 2010

Traprock 50K Report In July Issue of Ultrarunning Magazine

I was happy to see the article I submitted to Ultrarunning Magazine was published in their July issue.  I know editing is something that must be done due to space constraints but I was disappointed that the last paragraph of my article and none of my photographs were included by the magazine.  The omission read like this:

"Co-Race Directors Steve Nelson and Kevin Hutt and all the volunteers did a fine job in providing a much needed spring ultra to the New England area. The course was adequately marked and the aid stations were well stocked and staffed. All the runners I spoke to during and after the race were very positive about their Traprock experiences. This is definitely a race I’ll be running again in 2011."

And the photographs looked like this:

Elaine Romano (3rd female) on technical descent.

Runners working their way up the steep "Stairway to Heaven"

Here is the published article:
Ultrarunning July 2010


  1. WOW
    congrats, thats very cool
    I look forward to reading it

  2. I cannot believe I did not see your name on the race report! Well done,lad! As to the magazine, it seems pretty hit and miss whether they include photos and how they edit. Often they cannot include races at all due to space constraints. Congrats!

  3. Dan-- I saw your Ultra Running article! Cool!

    BTW, your e-mail address seems to have been hacked into. I just got a "message" from you that you are trapped in England and would I please send you $2000. Since I just saw you at the Woods, I don't think you're trapped in England!

  4. OMG nice being published in that kind of magazine is an achievement!!!


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