Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January In Review

My training in the first month of 2010 was split between trail and snowshoe running. Early in the month there was good snow cover so I focused more on shoeing. I ran two snowshoe races in the first two weeks. One went well, the other not so much. I broke the cleats on both shoes during the second race and didn’t get back on them for the rest of the month. Not that I could have if I wanted to. The rain came soon after my last race and washed most of the snow away.

Total Miles: 139
Best Week: 40
Longest Run: 18.6
# of Runs: 22
Avg. Run: 6.3
# of Races: 2 (snowshoe)
Race Miles: 7

I ran 52 miles more this month when compared to January 2009. I’m off to a decent start.


  1. 52 more miles compared to last year...sweet start to 2010!

  2. Wow...I think I ran less, I will have to check out my stats.

  3. Nice mileage. We need some snow around here right quick. There's snowshoe races to be done!

  4. Steve, Is there any snow in Merrimack? Horse Hill is on the 13th.

  5. I think we might be in trouble. Alas! That we should live in such times.


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