Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gator-Bait Gaiters

If any of you know Emily, (aka "Trail Pixie") you know she is always the one with the most colorful and original looking hats, gloves and gaiters at any trail race. That's because she handcrafts her own accessories using carefully chosen fabrics. At my request, she made a pair of her Gator-Bait Gaiters for me. I only asked she make them in orange and black but she was free to pick the design. I have a thing for those two colors. I'm not sure why, but I think its because Halloween was my favorite holiday as a child. I have a thing for candy too!

Emily made my gaiters using an orange material with black tiger stripes! They are very cool and I don't believe I've ever seen anyone with this design. Even better, as I hate being just like everyone else. I used my gaiters on a recent 2.5 hour trail run where I encountered snow, ice, mud, dirt and stones. The gaiters worked great keeping my socks and shoes debris free for the entire run.

If you want to show up at your next race wearing Emily's bad-ass gaiters let me know. Maybe I can hook you up or you can just contact her directly. It's a good feeling when you can support a local artist and crafts 'person'.

Later, gator.....


  1. what material does she use? is it lycra?

  2. Charlie, it's stretchy material but I'm not sure if it's lycra or not. Here is Emily's email address: extremilys@yahoo.com Why don't you shoot her an email? She'll be happy to talk about her gaiters with you!

    Hope all is well with you and your family.

  3. I have never used gaiter, but I have seen Emily's work. Everything she does is beautiful. I love the orange-black combo, you are going to feel like a tiger on the trails! Ana

  4. Ana, now if only I could run like one!

  5. Dan, what a surprise to see this posting! My sewing machine is blushing. The material for your tiger gaiters is a different material than I normally use (a poly-synthetic combo). My staple materials is a stretchy nylon/lycra...like ladies swim wear material. I am also experimenting with fleece. The materials need to be able to stretch over ankles so I don't use stiff cloth. More on materials later, gator. I'll tame those tigers, to.

  6. Dan, if you feel like a tiger, you can run like a tiger (at least perceive yourself as running like one:) Ana

  7. My gaters are black and not that attractive....I think when I am ready for a new pair I will contact Trail Pixie.....I would love something a little more original.....perhaps for Pineland?... Let me know how these workout.

  8. Ana, I'll add "Eye of the Tiger" to my iPod and start working on it!

    Pathfinder, I think you should get a new pair to celebrate your commitment to doing the 50K in Maine. Get in touch with Trail Pixie and go over some ideas for something wild!

    I've been thinking about getting another pair myself.


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