Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three Days, Thirty Miles

I had a good stretch of running between Saturday and Monday accumulating 30 miles over the three day period. I covered an eclectic mix of terrain as well. One day I ran the tough, rocky trails of the Middlesex Fells. Next up was some easy running on the quarter mile track near my home, and the third day was spend on the fire roads of Lynn Woods. I have to say that the most enjoyable run was the 16 miles covered at the Fells. Not because I like training there particularly, but because I was able to do it with friends.

Back in the day, I was pretty much a solitary runner and preferred it that way. If fact, my nick-name when I was competing on my high school track and cross country teams was 'The Hermit'. I earned this label because of my propensity to leave my teammates during organized training runs and wander off on my own, only to return to the school gym locker room after my teammates had already showered, changed and were heading home for dinner.

I now find myself enjoying the company of friends and looking forward to planned group runs on the weekends. It's a time to share the love of the sport with others who appreciate the beauty offered by mother nature. The trail runners I know are a fun, caring, optimist and creative bunch, which helps to temper my pragmatic nature. This is a time when I don't take life, or myself so seriously, and learn to live in the moment. How could I possibly do that on my own?

Views from the Fells:

Train leaving the station.

Chatting with 'Nipmuck' Dave

Happy bunch of runners!

Photo Credits: Kevin Z.


  1. I count eight avid trail runners..... it is hard to believe they were all there running around the Fells trails and somehow I didn't see them.

    I didn't get the timing right this time but we will run together.......

    I also crossed the 30 mile mark this week though not all in three days. I also plan on breaking 100 miles this month, a sign that I am finally getting some time on my feet.

  2. Kevin, you have the fast training down pat. Get in those long runs now and you'll be tearing it up at Pineland Farms.

  3. 30 miles...varying terrain...3 days..perfect. I decided to hit the gym for circuit training Tuesday...but plan is for a long run later today : ) I need to up my miles!

  4. 30 miles in 3 days, that's a lot. I, too, have been a "hermit" running by myself only until a few years ago. Now I love company during long runs, but I also continue to enjoy and actually need to run by myself sometimes, clear my head, etc. Good luck at Fells! Ana

  5. Michelle, don't over do it. Save something for the 40 on Saturday.

    Ana, I still need/enjoy my runs alone as well but running with others one day a week is a joy!

  6. Dan
    So good to find someone who understands the love of the gym and the sense of "being in control" that lifestyle affords someone...I still love the gym but now I go and have fun : ) today I played with the jump rope...I felt like I was 12 again!

    I never made it to competition level...I just couldn't get past the diet aspect and cutting out certain foods so I could get that uber lean look... I like certain foods way too much! Also I realized my stomach couldn't handle some of the supplements and I was doing more harm then good....I ended up just walking and doing treadmill work this week...I ahve had soem stomach issues with my meds and decided to take it easy so I could try to do the 40 on Saturday...I will probably be out there for ten hours : )

  7. LOL... on the spell check! Believe me, I understand about stomach issues. I hate taking my meds. Wish I could get off them.

    I’m taking it easy on Saturday. So is Kevin and Streph. I think you will have company if you want it.

  8. Hi Dan and Co., Wow 30 miles in 3 days. !? I just broke the 20 mile mark for my weekly mileage. 'Tis a good thing I am not doing the Ultra tomorrow ;-} Ordinarily I am a solitary woods runner but running with y'all has made this season extra wonderful. I am grateful all of your company! Having fun on the run is top priority.


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