Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Running

The fall of the season’s first snow this past weekend made me realize how unprepared I am for winter running. I don’t mean it in terms of the clothing I will need to stay warm and dry or that I am lacking the motivation needed to train through a long, cold New England winter. I mean, where the heck I will run when there is snow and ice on the ground?

Trail running has kept my plantar fasciitis at bay for most of the year. I have had a few minor flare-ups but nothing that has stopped me from putting in the miles I wanted to do. I've done a few short road runs this summer and fall but each time I run the roads I have plantar pain for at least a week. I’ve tried different shoes, three in fact, but it doesn’t make a difference. I think my best option for now is to stay on the trails as long as possible.

Of course, I could wish for a snow-free winter but what is the chance that will happen?Another option is to get prepared for running on snow covered trails. To this end, I made a trip to Home Depot to purchase some sheet metal screws. I screwed (no comments please) an older pair of Brooks Cascadia 3s to use for running in snow and ice. I am thinking the screw heads will provide enough traction even on packed snow and ice. I’ve never tried this before but it will be an interesting experiment. If it doesn’t work out I'll switch to snowshoes. The more I stay off pavement this winter, the better chance I have of making a road-running comeback this spring.

Hmm, loose screw or screw loose?


  1. HI Dan,
    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I have just noticed them today - did not think anyone reads my blog, nice surprise!

    Runner's world just had an article on preping shoes for winter running using screws. Hope it works out for you. Good luck! Ana

  2. Hi Ana
    It was a nice surpise when I found it!

  3. Dan,

    I know a few people who scew their shoes in the winter and I guess it works quite well...I think I will do a pair this year...usually I throw on the snowshoes when snow gets deep. The longs runs are then not only possible but quite a workout!


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