Thursday, February 25, 2016

What I Like About Trail Running


I'm not a very social person. Put me in a room with a bunch of people and I won't have much to say. But, put me on the trail with a group of trail runners and I turn into Chatty Cathy. Trail runners are just easy to get along with. Even people I've never met before feel like old friends after spending a few hours together in the woods. 

Trail running has taken me to some amazing places that I may not otherwise have seen. Running in the mountains and forests, along rivers and lakes and seeing wildlife brings me to a happy place. 

Ahh, the races. I like the challenge of pushing myself beyond what I thought possible. I love preparing for races as much as running them. Reading race reports, reviewing elevation profiles and course descriptions just adds to the pre-race excitement. And there's nothing better than licking your wounds with fellow racers over a post-race beer. 

 These smiles tell the story. Trail runners are a happy lot. Need I say more?

Without running, I'm certain I would have gone mad years ago. Trail running is therapeutic and certainly more fun than spending time in a shrink's office. No offense to the shrinks out there. If you're feeling stressed, sad, lonely, fill in the blank, go for a run in the woods. You'll soon forget about your problem(s) and feel renewed when you're finished.

What do you like about running trails? Leave a comment.

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