Friday, July 11, 2014

Midstate Trail Hike

Last weekend I took a short hike on the Midstate Trail (MST). I began at the Mt. Watatic parking lot on Rt 119 in Ashburham, hiking north along the State Line Trail to the northern terminus of the MST. From there, the MST heads south over Nutting Hill (1624 ft) and Mt. Watatic (1832 ft) before returning to the parking lot on Rt 119. From Rt 119 I did an out-and-back hiking south over Fisher Hill (1547 ft) to Blueberry Hill (1473 ft) and returning along the same route. Total distance was seven miles with 1232 ft of elevation gain.  

So many trails, so little time.

The State Line Trail started out as a rock mine field on a fire road.

 But transformed into lush, fern-lined single-track.

Northern Terminus marker on the MA - NH Border.

A cairn on the approach to the summit of Mt Watatic.

View of Wachusett Mountain in the distance from the summit of Mt Watatic.

Only the concrete footings remain of the fire tower that once stood atop Watatic. It was built in 1939.

One of the many stone walls along the trail.

Reflection on the water.

Shaded MST south of Rt 119.

Not as difficult as my double Great Blue Hill hike but still good training.

View of route from Google Earth.

Happy hiking!

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