Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter Lost

It only takes a quick glace at my 2012 training log to notice a common thread:

Number of Runs = 0
Weekly total = 0 miles
Monthly total = 0 miles
Year to Date = 0 miles 

You get the idea.  My year so far has been a big fat "Zero." It's not the weather that has kept me from running.  Lack of snow and mild temperatures has made this the best winter to train in the past few years.  It's sacroiliac joint dysfunction that has me cranking out goose eggs day after day.   On the plus side I've had plenty of spare time to read several books. Most have been written by AT thru-hikers which only adds to my feeling of wanderlust.  I know I'll be back on the trails again. It's just a matter of time.  My wife told me I need to be patient because I won't heal as quickly as I have in the past.  She said, "You're old now."

Thanks sweetie, "Happy Valentine's Day."

Weekly Run stats Minimize
2/6/2012 — 2/12/2012:0 mi0:00
1/30/2012 — 2/5/2012:0 mi0:00
1/23/2012 — 1/29/2012:0 mi0:00
1/16/2012 — 1/22/2012:0 mi0:00
1/9/2012 — 1/15/2012:0 mi0:00
1/2/2012 — 1/8/2012:0 mi0:00

I'm getting a little tired of this.


  1. Hopefully you will be running soon!!

  2. Awwww, Dan. So many zeros!!! (Kind of cracked me up actually, so thanks for that). You'll be out there. Get that chi flowing, man! I think I've swum more miles than I've run this winter. Bloop, bloop.

    1. Pam you had me laughing too when you talked about all the Chi things you have to remember to do when you are running.

  3. Well, I have been running, but all slow, ROAD miles... probably better than nothing from your perch, but it is sad that I haven't run trails since Stone Cat... wow.

    Keep your head up man, this new training plan I have has me running 9 and 10 minute miles on the roads and who knows what that'll translate to on the trails, but when you are ready, all of us will be waiting to bring you back into the pack... at the back of the pack. Ha!

    1. Rob, back in December I was running at a faster pace on all the crushed stone paths near work. I felt like I was getting back some of the speed I lost by just running trails. I think your road miles will equate to faster trail times.

  4. Dan! I thought I saw your golden egg! Eggs for me, too. the interesting art is that RDing a trail race adds a list of other joys and some pains, too....Not having the running really makes us realize how much it means to us and what aspects of it are important deep down. Once down for sometime, I've never taken running for granted. we'llbe back, starting from Zero, nice and fresh!

    1. Em, you're so right. I will enjoy every minute of running again even in cold rain and thick mud! RDing is a lot of work but very rewarding when you see how happy you made so many people on race day.

  5. Dan,
    I miss hiking..I miss a slow walk in the woods talking and noticing what is around you..we all need to go on a hike...just meet up some where and walk until we feel hungry...sit and eat our lunch..then walk some more and when we feel like it..turn around and head back...I know how the lack of training and running must feel but I alos know that reading books...well that is my second fav thing to do : )
    hugs to you..you old man you ; )

  6. A hike sounds good. I'm toying with the idea of thru-hiking Wapack starting in Ashburnham, stealth camping in Greenfield, and then returing to Ashburnham the next date. I'm just don't know if there are enough (or any) water sources along the way to support such a hike. Perhaps set up a water cache or two?


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