Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back To Breakheart

Well, I went back to Breakheart this weekend to map out a route for the trail race I will be hosting in October.  My original plan was to have a 10 mile race using my standard 10 mile training loop.  No scoping out new trails, no measuring, no surprises, no additional race preparation. Simple right?  Wrong!  The park ranger at Breakheart wasn't keen to the idea of having runners on just about every trail in Breakheart. He wanted the race to be shorter, using less of the trail system. I agreed to make it a 10K.  Better a short race than no race at all.

I got to Breakheart about 10:30 this morning.  It was super humid and the insects were out in full force. I managed to map out a course approximately 6.2 miles long with a good mix of terrain.  There's the mandatory rocks and roots but also some pleasant stretches on pine needle covered trails.  Breakheart doesn't have any monster hills but what it has, I took full advantage of ;-).  I think it will make for an interesting race.

I'm currently working on developing a race website, taking photos of the course, writing a course description, contacting potential sponsors, lining up volunteers and a whole lot of other stuff.  Participating in a trail race is so much easier than organizing one!   I'll be posting updates in the coming weeks and will give you the link for the race website when it's ready.  For now, just reserve October 17, 2010 on your race calender.  I hope you'll join me then and make this race a success.



  1. Oh, that's Baystate. Darn, next year. Good luck, so exciting!!!

  2. Baystate? Come on Ana, you've been there, don't that. You have the tee shirt to prove it. Let's get you back on the trails!

  3. Dan,
    Sounds like a lot of fun, I will see if I can keep the 17th open...would love to run it.

  4. That's my birthday weekend :) I will be there!

  5. Hey Dan,
    I haven't see you over my way for quite some time. Thanks for the visit.
    ITB issues SUCK! I've had my fair share of those in the past. One thing that frustrated me about ITB problems is they "just happen". Boom! All of the sudden you hurt. No warning. Gah!
    Take care! ;)


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