Friday, April 2, 2010

March In Review

My training didn't go as well as I had planned.  A severe head cold and a trip to Mexico cut into my training.  I only managed three short runs over the last 11 days in March.  A whopping 11 miles, all on the dreadmill to boot. At least I'm feeling rested.

Total Miles: 121
Best Week: 39
Longest Run: 18
# Of Runs: 19
Avg Run: 6.4

Looking forward to a better April and the start of the 2010 Grand Tree Trail Race Series!


  1. Don't feel too bad. I also utilized this month for rest. We can now attack the trails with renewed vigor. 11 miles on the dreadmill is an impressive feat. That is worth three times the miles on trails.

  2. You did not miss much, rainy and cold runs suck! If I hadn't been training for Boston, I would have skipped lots of runs this March! 11 miles on the treadmill, well, that's a reason for celebration for sure!


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