Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February In Review

The weather in February affected my running during the month. Whenever it was overcast, raining or snowing my motivation sunk to zero. And there were many days like this in February. Compounding the problem was the lack of snow up north so I didn’t run any of the three GSSS snowshoe races I planned for and entered. I only ran 2-3 days per week instead of my usual four. I only managed to salvage the month to some degree by doing a 28 mile run on the last day of February. Of course running 24% of your total monthly mileage in one day is not a good training program.

February Recap:

Total Miles: 116
Best Week: 43
Longest Run: 28
# of Runs: 11
Avg. Run: 10.6

Yep, I’m ready for spring…


  1. Well, today felt like spring! My motivation goes down when it is raining. Last week was horrible. I don't think I would have run had I not been in marathon training. Lets hope that Spring wins and March will be nicer!

  2. I'm with you. Ready for spring. Summer I can wait for. But there's just something so rejuvinating about running in the spring.

  3. Now we'll see how much a winter rest rejuvenates you for the rest of the year. Besides, 116 miles each month gives you around 1400 for the year. Not too shabby.

  4. When I lived in NE, February was the worst month for anything. I desperately needed sun but days would stay cloudy, snow would not want to melt and days were still too short.
    Now I don't know what your normal monthly averages are but 116mi does not look to shabby to me especially for a short winter month.

  5. Yup...we all need spring right now!!


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