Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Full Fledged Funk

No question about it. I’m deep into my usual post season funk. I have little motivation to train, especially on these damp, dark days. No sense trying to fight it. I’ll just let it run its course. I’m going to scale back my plans for the GAC Fat Ass next month. There’s no way I’ll run a 50K with the training I’ve done since Stone Cat. My longest run in the past month has been 9 miles. A 30K run for me at the Fat Ass is a more likely scenario. Lasts years frolic through the frozen forest of Palmer with KZ was the catalyst to bump up my training. I’m hoping a low key long run with friends will work its magic once again.

On another note, the first race of the snowshoe season is only three and a half weeks away but with no snow in eastern Mass I haven’t been able to take my Dion’s out for a spin. I’m sure that will change soon enough.


  1. Hey...will you keep me posted about the Fat Ass? I would love to join you guys... :)

  2. I feel your pain and I am only a recreational runner. Nothing worse than street running in the dark and worrying about ice. Woke up this morning and didn't even attempt it and don't know when I will be able to get in a run again. I too am looking forward to getting some snow shoeing in and am going to start hitting the stairs at work everyday for cardio (24 flights up and down done two times). Boring but productive. ;-). Hope you can get some snow shoeing in soon as the snow is starting to accumulate!

  3. Dan, I have a solution for your 'post season funk'.... don't have a 'season' that ends. Just make the season 365 days long...then once that is over, just start immediately again. Problem solved. You've always got something on the horizon and there is no 'post season' to be had. It works for the most me :). 18 days until Woodford! :)

  4. Looks like it changed right now! BTW, you could roll out of bed any day and run a 50k. You underestimate your abilities, but I believe in you.


  5. yup, i am going through it too! and being sick (still!!!) makes it worse! have fun snowshoeing!

  6. Snap out of it man! Positive vibes coming your way. Oh, and I strapped on the Dions this afternoon and shoed for 1hr 20min in Horse Hill. A good 8-10" of the white stuff on the ground (at least before the rain came in later today). Rumor has it there might be a snowshoe race at Beaver Brook in Hollis this weekend...

  7. Wow, didn't expect to so many comments on this post!

    Julie, I'll keep you in the loop for FA.

    Kim, 24 flights of stairs x2 sounds like a killer workout to me.

    Jim, I think you have the right idea but I have 20 years on you and not so sure my body will cooperate! I could give it a try though. What do I have to lose?

    Steve L, I see you are a "half-full" kind of guy.

    Ana, I hope you are over your cold soon. Mine is starting to get better (day 8)!!

    Steve W, Awesome news on the snow up there. Still none here, just rain today. I know a few people who are heading up to Beaver Brook for a trail race this weekend. I guess they're in for a big surprise!!

  8. Do What feels right hasn't failed you yet. I too am contemplating a run at GAC (at least 2 laps maybe three)as long as it works into my schedule...perhaps I will finally meet up with you guys.

  9. Kevin, The GAC Fat Ass is a fun event. You should try to make it down. Several of your fellow Maine Trail Monsters were there last time. It would be great to meet you.

  10. Dan, I am too are in the over 50 crowd, when I ran my first 50 miler it took me 6-8 weeks to fully recuperate. There is something to be said for a day for every mile. You'll be fine by the Fat Ass 50K, see you there.


  11. Dan, Relax. Steve is right. Come over to the dark side. Low/no training is the way to go. Store fat; taper forever. It works like magic. 50K isn't as long as it used to be. A shocking amount of this stuff is in your head, and I know your head is well trained.

  12. Dan,

    5K Snowshoe race at Beaver Brook tomorrow morning (12/13) Seeya on the snow!!!

  13. Dan, I feel your funk. The shorter colder days require a little more motivation. Running— funky chicken style— with firends is one way to motivate.
    bundle up and let's head out there. we can all lick each others wounds. or maybe not. gross.

  14. I agree with Streph et al., you'll be fine, this is either that lull after running a great season (a LONG season) on the trails. You accomplished your goal of 50 miles, so there is a let down there, but there is also your body clamouring for a little recovery. Per the Fat Ass 50k, you will probably do more than me in preparation, and though I can't compare myself to kZ, the minimalist masochist thing works for many of us. :-)

    We'll party at the Fat Ass!



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