Friday, November 27, 2009

Looking Ahead

Having little motivation and doing minimal running has left me with plenty of free time to contemplate my 2010 race plans.  Concerned about injuries in 2008 and 2009 I focused on only one goal race for the season.  I hope to be in better health next year so I may pick two key races for the 2010 season, one in the summer and one in the fall.  The list below is preliminary and subject to change but it's a good starting point.

Race Type = Snowshoe = Trail = Mountain = Trail Ultra

1/2 Beaver Brook 5K
1/9 G.A.C. Fat Ass 50K
1/23 Pooh Hill 9K
2/6 Exeter Hullabaloo 4M
2/13 Horse Hill 7K or
2/14 Frosty's 5K or both
2/20 Kingman Farm 5K (night race)
3/27 Fells Trail Race 40M
4/?? Northern Nipmuck 16M
4/10 Merrimack River 10M
4/18 Don't Run Boston 50K
4/25 Blue Hills 10M
5/2 Overlook Trail 7M
5/16 Soapstone Mt. 14.5M
5/22 Wachusett Mountain 4.5M
5/23 Trav's 5K
5/30 Pack Monadnock 10M
6/6 Nipmuck Marathon 26.4M
6/12 Northfield Mountain 10.3K
6/15 Boxford Forest 10K
7/11 Skyline Trail 7.5M
7/17-18 Vermont 100M (Maybe!) or
7/17 Wakely Dam Ultra (32.6M unsupported)
8/7 Oxford Dam 11M
8/22 Moose on the Loose 10M
9/5 Wapack Trail 18M
9/12 Pisgah Mountain 50K
9/26 Vermont 50M
10/4 Houghton Pond 10K
10/17 Ravenswood 4M
10/24 Groton Forest 9.5M or
10/24 Bimbler's Bluff 50K
10/31 Busa Bushwack 10M
11/6 Stone Cat Marathon or 50M

My biggest challenge will be figuring out a way to stay out of divorce court while running all these races.


  1. Divorce court, oh I hear you! I was informed that our summer was all about 'chickens and races' (we got chickens this summer) I promised to do no more than 1 race a month(or thereabout)but then I looked at your list... ;)

    I am really shooting for the VT100(I even recruted a pacer already!), VT50 and SC50 as my big races so I am going to try to skip alot of the smaller ones in lieu of good training runs. I keep ending up with overuse injuries after my ultras which I am SURE I could avoid if I did some longer training runs.

    Are you still recovering from SC? I tried to run thanksgiving day, well I did run and I think it was too soon and my tendons were letting me know the next day in language that was not work safe, lol.

    Looks like a great list for you! Hope to be at some with you :)

  2. Wow, like I've said, you're all very fortunate to have so many trail races to choose from. Too bad you can't get your wife out on the trails with you...

  3. Meg - she came out to watch the SC 50M race this year. That's a start!

    Julie - I may have to drop some of the shorter races too and just concentrate on the ultra races and long runs. I am recovered physically from SC. I just can't get motivated to train. Maybe a little burn out? I need to get cranking soon or I'll never get though 50K at the Fat Ass.

  4. Signing up for the Vermont 100 has been shown to help get one motivated to train...

  5. Steve, I have to admit I admire your determination.


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