Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekly Training Update - Oct 12 -18

This was my second consecutive week of 50+ miles and my 3rd in the past month. Training has been progressing well and my speed and endurance are improving, slowly, but improving none the less. The only thing I am not happy with this past month is my long runs. I’ve been doing them, but feel they have not been long enough for racing the 50 mile distance. I’ve run 22, 23 and 22 the past three weekends. I would have preferred to see something like 22, 25 and 28 or even 30 but I got lazy and/or tired and I cut the last two shorter than planned. Still they were loads of fun since I ran all of them with friends. Three weeks until Stone Cat so I be tapering down the miles slightly and running a few shorter races between now and race day.

I ran the Ravenswood Trail Race this weekend [results], the day after my long run.  The 4.3 mile course is a nice mix of technical single-track with enough rocks and roots to keep you on your toes and carriage roads where you can really fly without worrying about footing.  It was cold, wet and windy and my legs were a little stiff.  I didn't do a warmup run due to the pouring ran so I started out slowly until I had a chance to warmup.  After about 2 miles of easy running I loosened up enough to start pushing the pace.

I was picking off runners one by one, mostly on technical descents where everyone was being cautious and I was not. I almost wiped out one time and decided it was best to take the downhills a little slower. I didn’t want to sprain an ankle, or worse, with a 50 mile race looming on the horizon. I passed about 20-25 runners during the race and was never passed by anyone after the first ¼ mile.  It was another day of fun in the mud.

Total Miles: 53
Long Run: 22.4
# of Runs: 6
Avg. Run: 8.8
Trail Miles: 74%


  1. Wow, 53 miles, that is awesome, Dan. I think the longs runs are going to be enough for the 50 miler. You are going to do great. Looks like I will be seeing you in the Fells in December (or maybe earlier if your "fun group" is planning any training runs over there). Ana

  2. I think your mileage is fine. Remember that we took very few walking breaks, so the miles were tougher than if we followed a walk/run pattern.
    Ana has read my mind. After Stone Cat we need to do a few runs in the Fells.

  3. Dan,

    You sure do sound ready for the 50. I think you will do well.

  4. I will expect a lift (piggy back) at Stone Cat if I start to poop out..you should be in tip top condition to carry me..I will make sure to hold your gu!
    ; )


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