Friday, April 11, 2008

Merrimack River Trail Race

The 17th Annual Merrimack River 10 mile trail race is the inaugural race in the 2008 Eastern New England Trail race series and the second race in the Western Mass Athletic Club’s Grand Tree Race Series. It is also part of the EXTERRA New England Trail Series. To say the least, this event is very popular and draws close to 200 runners. The course is a 5 mile out and back that runs along the banks of the Merrimack River in Andover, MA. The first and last 3 miles are flat with few obstacles like rock and roots. The middle 4 miles are very hilly. Although there are no major climbs, there are several short steep ones that reduce many runners to a power-hike. With the snowy winter of 2007-2008, and rain forecasted for Friday and Saturday, you can expect a lot of mud and standing water on the course. There should also be several small water crossings from run-off from the hills along the banks of the river.

Click here for course map and elevation profile.


  1. thank you for your comments about the pain in the arch of my foot on cool runnings. I will be seeing a doctor shortly. However I do not know what PT stands for. You suggested I rest and PT. Thank You again

  2. Hi Christina
    PT stands for physical therapy. It should help you get over your plantar fasciitis.


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