Friday, April 4, 2008

Fells Trail Race Results

Clear skies, cool temperatures and a strong wind greeted runners at the first trail race in Middlesex Fells in nearly ten years. This was a low-key, fun race where runners could choose the number of loops they would complete of the 8 mile course. Twenty-three adventurous runners toed the starting line on this cold Saturday morining but only sixteen completed at least three laps. Hard-core awards go to Ron Farkash of Plainville, MA and Paul Kearney of Burlington, VT. Ron and Paul both ran the full 40 mile distance. Great job guys! Listed below are runners that finished at least 3 loops or 24 miles.

40 Mile Finishers
1 Ron Farkash 39 M 08:07:00.01 Plainville

2 Paul Kearney 27 M 08:52:00.01 Burlington VT
50K Finishers
1 Carol OHear 33 F 05:56:00.01 Brookline

2 Robert Mathes 55 M 06:03:00.01 Wolfeboro NH

3 Chris Shanley 42 M 07:12:00.01 Charlestown

4 Steve Pero 56 M 07:12:00.01 Jaffrey NH

5 Patrick Wheatley 37 M 07:14:00.01 Canada QC

6 Damon Lease 46 M 09:00:00.01 Randolph VT
24 Mile Finishers1 Chris Martin 41 M 04:29:00.01 Needham
2 Scott Ribich 31 M 05:32:00.01 Arlington
3 Lori Lebel 35 F 05:37:00.01 Danvers
4 Randy Wetzel 42 M 05:37:00.01 Danvers
5 Roger Martell 36 M 05:37:00.01 Beverly
6 Cheryl Mulvey 47 F 06:03:00.01 Boxford
7 John Mathews 55 M 06:11:00.01 Topsfield
8 Edward Mulvey 48 M 06:22:00.01 Boxford


  1. Thanks for posting the results!

  2. I'm curious, the DCR map for the Middlesex Fells lists the Skyline Trail as 6.9 miles. Was this 8 mike race more than the Skyline Trail loop around the Winchester Reservoirs?

  3. Hey Anonymous
    Good question! You're correct. The Skyline trail is 6.9 miles but RD turned it into a lollipop course. He added about a mile to the trail making it about 8 miles per loop.


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