Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekly Training Update Nov 23- 29

Another less than spectacular week but I did have two fun runs this weekend. The first was a night run in Lynn Woods with RunninRob. The temperature was pretty mild but there were some very strong wind gusts. We came upon a large tree blown down across the road. We also took in a nice view of the Boston skyline from Steel Tower Hill. It was a blast to do some running in the dark.

Rob checking out the lights of the city.

Rob taking a Snicker's break.

Blow down

Dirt road darkness

This morning I returned to Lynn Woods for an 8 mile run with some of the Lynn Woods Crew. I haven’t run with these folks in several months and it was nice to get out there with them again. We took a detour to see the skulls. I saw this 20-25 foot high work of art in the woods once before but couldn’t remember how to get to it on my own. Pictures don’t do it justice but I included these (taken from the web) to give you an idea of the magnitude of this undertaking by an unknown artist.

Painted on the side of a cliff, the mural depicts hundreds of skulls and bones and carries the message: "Take the knowledge that you will someday be these bones and enjoy now all that is precious."

Life is fleeting....


  1. I have often wondered what it would be like to run trails in darkness as it seems the only time I have to run during the week is before and after work when it's dark and I miss running trails and have had to resort to streets. May have to run to EMS to get one of those headlamps!

  2. Meg and Kim, night runs are very nice, and peaceful too. You should give it a try sometime. It's even more fun in the winter on snowshoes!!

  3. Dan, a skull mural?! I would love to see this! Wonderful to hear about anoOutdoor art installation in nearby Lynn Wood. Would you be my docent guide?

  4. Em, it's a pretty awesome sight! I'm happy to show you the mural and the rest of Lynn Woods. There lots of nice single track I'm sure you've never run before.


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