Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where Did My Energy Go? - May Training Recap

I ended the month of May with a less than a stellar run today. The plan called for a 4 hour run with fellow "ultra runner in training" RunninRob but from the very start of the run I just didn't feel right. I wasn't that concerned at first because I often feel sluggish during the first 30 minutes of a long run but then shake off the cobwebs and get into a groove. Today was different. The groove never happened. I can probably blame my Wednesday double that included a 5 mile tempo run for my fatigue, but knowing the cause didn't reduce the suffering I felt today.

I was not alone. Rob was battling his own demons today. His GAC Mother's Day 6 hour run, along with some recent speed and hill training took a toll on him also. Although we were maintaining our predetermined pace, we were both working too hard at it. When the trail got technical running at a decent clip became impossible. We finally came to a mutual agreement to call it a day at 3 hours. Less than what we wanted but still a good workout under the circumstances.

Long section of boardwalk crossing Meeting House Swamp (Not very swampy right now!)

Highlights for the month include 4 races, 3 of them first time races for me (MorFun, Soapstone Mountain and Trav's). Another first for me this month was running the 21 mile Wapack trail from end-to-end. Actually 22 miles for me because I got lost. I also set a PR for time on my feet at 6 hours and 48 minutes. This is not a record I want to break any time soon! On the downside, I didn't run over 140 miles for the month like I hoped to but I was pretty close.

May Training ReCap:

Total Miles: 134
Longest Run: 22
# of Runs: 18
Avg Miles: 7.4
Race Miles: 46
# of Races: 4
Avg Race: 11.6

Sleep should come easy tonight....


  1. Oohh boardwalk "envy." Be nice to your mitochondria.

  2. I know what you mean Dan, at the end of my 50K I was at 6:28 and pretty darn ready to stop moving......I am still in awe of running that long as I think back and wonder how I actually did it.

  3. I also tend to struggle the first half hour into a long run. Sorry to hear the break didn't come this time. Still looks really beautiful where you ran;-)

  4. Getting through a run when you don't feel so great is good mental exercise. You did well to get three hours in! When I'm having a bad run I usually try to tell myself "I've felt worse" but sometimes I have to admit I really haven't felt MUCH worse. The good thing is that misery really does love company, so it was nice that you had runnin' rob along to share the pain.

  5. Dan, congrats on a great racing month. I would not worry about the difficulties with this training run - perhaps your brain was trying to conserve some energy for whatever crazy race you have planned later this month! Ana

  6. Dan, it sounds like a few of us who are trying to increase mileage for a Fall goal are struggling from time to time. I'm with you there. But for every hard week there is a refreshing one to follow. You'll be back out running strong before you know it. Run slow and run long!

  7. I think we need to get dressed up like forest animals(squirrels, chipmunks, tree frogs, voles, foxes) and run around a very popular busy trail system.....we need to act really nonchalant and cool like there is nothing strange about Rob in bunny ears or KZ with whiskers or Emily with a big fluffy tail...hehe..then go stuff our faces with pancakes...I feel like I need to recapture some of the silliness and comraderie of why I run...and of course stuff my face with pancakes...

  8. Michelle, that sounds like more fun than busting hump in a race. I'll be a woodchuck! I wish we could all get together for a run. I miss you guys.


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