Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend Plans

Tomorrow I'm meeting some friends for an 8-10 mile run at Ward Reservation in Andover, MA. I've never run there so I'm looking forward to covering new terrain. I always get pumped when I go to unexplored places. The forecast is for temps in the upper 40s and sun. Nice day!
On Sunday it's back to my unusual stomping grounds for a 16 mile run though Breakheart Reservation and Lynn Woods. I haven't run this double woods run since August of last year so even though I'm very familiar with both parks it will still feel like new to me.

Happy Friday!!


  1. Dan, I run there all the time (Ward). I would meet you there, but I blew my clutch out yesterday and it won't be fixed until either tomorrow or Sunday/Monday so I have no wheels. I would have liked to get in the woods this weekend at either run but I'll have to wait...I'm also going to be just starting back up w/ light running because of my issues this past week w/ my back so it may be for the best. We'll have to get together for some jaunts in Breakheart this spring for sure!

  2. Jim, sorry about the clutch. You really need to stop drag racing! I saw your post about your back/hamstring issues. Take it easy for a while. You don't want that to get too out of hand and mess up your summer racing.

    Would love to have you come to Breakheart for a run. Just go easy on me! Take care.

  3. Good luck with the runs. Nice to have some company on Saturday. Enjoy the sun! Ana

  4. Ana, I'm looking forward to when you can join us after Boston!


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