Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Fantasy

This past winter, when I wasn't even running, an uncharacteristic moment of optimism prompted me to register for a number of fall trail races. The first race is now less than two weeks away and I am woefully unfit. I'm not sure if I'll attempt to run this race but if I do I may just hike the course. I've been doing some running, (ok very little running I admit), averaging less than two days a week over the past four months. I don't think that volume of training has prepared me to actually RUN a long(ish) race.

It's sort of funny(?) that during the three years I was unable to run all I thought about was getting back to running. Now that I'm able to run again, albeit in a limited capacity, I really don't enjoy it all that much. Irony's a bitch I'd say! I'm not really sure why I'm not into it. Maybe it's because I suck at running in the heat. Maybe it's because running 1-2 days a week hasn't gotten me fit and every run is a struggle to complete. Or maybe it's just because I spend way too much time alone and I'm not the best company.

Whatever the reason, thoughts of racing this fall may just be a fantasy.

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