Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekly Training Update - Aug 11 - 17

Well, I really blew it this week. My training was right on schedule until this weekend but instead of doing my long run alone as planned, I met up with a group at the Middlesex Fells. The group was doing a seven mile loop on the Skyline trail. I would run one loop with the group and then do a second one on my own. This would give a solid 14 mile long run to finish up the week as planned. Unfortunately, I ran the first loop with the group WAY too hard and had to call it quits after 7 miles. This put me under my long run and total miles goals for the week. Now I feel like a loser for not sucking it up and running the second 7 mile loop. I'm not sure how this will effect my running next week but now I feel like I have to some how make up for this poor performance.

Actual Week vs. Planned

Total Miles: 32 - 40
Long Run: 7 - 14
# of Runs: 5 - 5
Avg. Miles: 6.5 - 8.0
Trail Miles: 62%


  1. Keep your head up Dan. I, too, hit a snag this past week, but being a little off is better than not being able to run at all. Plus, if you really feel bad about it, I am sure Wopack will provide the proper amount of attrition!:-) I look forward to more of these longer trail effort next summer, provided I stay healthy! What pace are you looking for on your long runs? Maybe we can get together for some trails and distance at Willowdale or the Fells one of these weekends.

  2. Hey Rob
    I agree. At least we are running again, right? Oh boy, Wapack is going to kick my a&&. I see a lot of walking breaks in my future.

    My pace on longer runs has been dictated by the terrain. The past two I'll done have been 9:30-10:00 minute pace but I've done a couple 11:00-13:00 paced ones too.

    It would be great to meet up for a run together if our pacing is compatable. I think you are faster than me! GAC will be starting their Stone Cat training runs in Willodale next month. Marty, the RD said non-GACers are alway welcome. Maybe we could try doing some of them?


  3. Good to know! I will indeed be looking into the GAC runs at Willowdale as well. I have been meaning to hook up with them, but I have been trying to be really strict with my training days. Hopefully this is the week! My pacing might be a little faster, but I still feel like a toddler out there on longer runs and have been just focusing on completing the distance more so than doing it in a certain amount of time. A very "ultra marathoner" approach, which might not be such a bad thing further on down the line. It is certainly going to be nice to get more trail training done in September when the insect population goes down a bit, which has been one of the reasons I have been staying away from Georgetown-Rowley the last couple weeks. I usually exit the trailhead with a convoy! Oddly enough, the last time I was in Willowdale it wasn't very buggy - but that was probably on account of the weather.


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