Tuesday, April 21, 2015

North-South Trail Trek - Section #3.

I was back on the NST with my daughter to cover the 17 mile section from Arcadia WMA in Exeter to the Nicholas Farm WMA in Coventry. The hike turned into an 18 mile day when a large area of logging activity caused us to miss a turn at mile 13. It wasn't a big deal but the 75 degree temperature and bright sunshine we had been exposed to for hours was beginning to wear us down. It's a rare day on the trail when I don't get temporarily misplaced. If it wasn't for the "Entering Connecticut" sign we still could be out there!

The first third of the hike was very scenic as we walked through mixed forest and crossed or walked alongside several rivers and brooks, some complete with waterfalls! The middle third was on remote, rolling dirt and paved roads. To emphasize the remoteness, only two vehicles passed during this 5 mile stretch. With the sun high in the sky, there was little shade to offer protection from the sun. The final third of the trail passed through open meadows and thick pine forests which felt much cooler than the open road section. 

 Rolling terrain but more uphill than down. (photo credit - Ron Correia)

Trout fisherman trying without success at Roaring Brook Pond.

The reflection would be spectacular in autumn.

Rock hopping over a wet, muddy area.

Chimney in the middle of the woods of Arcadia WMA.

This path was lined with small pines for a considerable distance.

Smooth, calm water of the Flat River.

This pine needle covered section of trail was one of my favorites.  

Small ripples of the fast moving Falls River.

Hanging out at Stepstone Falls.

More stepstone falls.

One of the remote dirt roads we traveled.

View from a trestle bridge.

A large meadow in Nicholas Farm WMA. This was once a working dairy farm.

Walking beside an unnamed river in Nicholas Farm.

My daughter walking through a thick stand of pines.

Here is a short video highlighting the rivers and falls.

Total Miles: 18.1
Elapsed Time: 6:20:00
High Point: 476 ft
Low Point: 128 ft
Elevation Gain: 1322 ft
Elevation Loss: 1135 ft

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