Thursday, February 5, 2015

Training On Hold

I was making slow but steady progress with my workouts until four feet of snow fell withing a seven day period. That made the trails I train on nearly impossible to run....although I did try once. My options were limited but I managed to find a 0.60 mile loop in a quite neighborhood with very little traffic not far from my house. I felt it was safe to run on the roads there and did two five mile workouts last week. I split the time equally between swift walking and slow jogging (yeah, I'm that pitiful) covering five miles in the process. I was actually enjoying the road running (Did I just say that?). But after two days and 10 miles of road running my feet were done. The neuromas and plantar fascia issues I have in both feet flared up so the only running I'm doing now is to the freezer for a ice pack. Not sure what to do about the situation. This snow isn't going anywhere. I just may have to dust off my snowshoes.

Only 42 days until Spring!

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  1. I have been doing a lot of snow shoe trail breaking and it is NOT running but it is a good workout...spring please hurry


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