Monday, February 10, 2014

Thinking Out Loud

For the first time in over two years I went for a run.

Well, it wasn't really a run. More like a walk interspersed with 12-14 one minute jogs. I didn't plan to run. I was out for my usual walk around town and noticed the track behind the middle school was snow free. I thought, "What the heck?  I'll try jogging."  I jogged the straights and walked the turns and before I knew it I had "wogged" two miles.  It felt great!!

Until I got home.

My lower back tightened up. I had pain in my SI joint and groin. My foot was tingling. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. On the plus side, my discomfort level was back to baseline when I woke up the next morning. And I'm dumb enough to try jogging again. But not anytime soon. On the down side, I won't be ready to run in the Grand Tree Trail Race Series this spring and that is a huge disappointment. 

I'm not sure if my backpacking plans for the year will happen either.   

My neck problem has worsened over the past two years to the point where wearing a backpack causes a great deal of discomfort. Although 80% of the pack weight is supported by my hips, it seems the 20% supported by my trapezius muscles is enough to send my neck into a tailspin. I've tried a few different packs but the results are always the same. I don't need a new pack. I need a new neck!

This has me thinking about what's left for me.

If I cant run or hike what will I do for exercise? I had some success with biking last summer. Some days a ride would aggravate my back/SI condition and some days it would not. I think that's all I can do safely for now. Which has me thinking about doing a long trip this summer. Maybe add some panniers to my bike so I can carry a tent, a sleeping bag and some other gear. Perhaps travel up the Maine coastline and explore some new places. Stop at some campgrounds along the way or just stealth camp for the night when I get tired of pedaling.

It's just a thought.

Another thought I have is what to do about this blog. At one time I had a pretty loyal following but readership has dropped off considerably over the past two years. That's not unexpected. I haven't been posting any interesting content because I haven't done anything interesting. Even though I use this blog as a place to record my personal experiences, I also enjoy reading your comments and feedback. So, please post a comment to let me know how you feel. Should I continue updating this blog or let it go by way of the dinosaur?  

And if you're too embarrassed to admit you read this rag, you can always post your comment anonymously.


  1. keep started for you...continue for you...

  2. I still read your Blog! I am an old crippled ex-runner too, and I tpp have given up on my blog...but I havrn't given up on running. I'm planning on a road Marathon this year(about an hour slower than my last marathon) and plan to offer no excuses. I have run long enough to deserve being old and slow. And... I still love running.


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