Monday, March 28, 2011

On The Path To Recovery?

After running only four times in four months I've finally managed to string together two consecutive weeks of training.  My plantar fasciitis, ITBS and chronic nerve pain are either asymptomatic or at a tolerable pain level at this time.  I don't know how long it will last but I'm going to take advantage of it and run while I can.  I've missed the feel of dirt, rocks and roots beneath my feet. 

My first week consisted of four slow, short runs between 3-6 miles each for a weekly total of 15.   I doubled that to 30 miles on week two.  I didn't plan to run so many miles but on my fourth and final run of the week I ran 16 miles on the Skyline trail in Middlesex Fells.  My friend KZ was running the TARC Fells Ultra and I planned to run one loop with him.  Well, you know how this goes.  The weather was nice, the trails in great shape (far better than I), and I got drawn in to running a second, unplanned loop. 

I'm going to back off this week and do 3 short runs for a total of 18-20 miles.   It's so easy for me to get carried away and overdo my running.  I have to remember to take it slow and easy for a while until I'm feeling a bit better.  Does running a 50K in three and a half weeks fall under the 'take it easy' category?


  1. Yes, go for the 50K. Your ITB and PF and etc will handle it. You'll be ready by then! I will say that I am becoming a strong believer in strength training in the form of building up to 8-10 X 10 seconds hill sprints (close to all out). They've done wonders for my legs and have kept me healthy running higher mileage than I have ever run before.

  2. Excited for your recovery Dan... thanks for coming out to share the loops!

  3. Sounds great Dan....good luck, I am pretty excited to get down to Winchester and run, hopefully in a couple weeks


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