Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Fun

I haven't done any running during the past 10 weeks but my neck is beginning to feel a little better.  I may try to do a little running in February to see how it effects me.  If my symptoms worsen, I'll stop.  If they stay the same, I'll keep running.  Pretty simple plan.  Not running hasn't kept me from enjoying the trails though. I've taken a  few hikes over the past month. Sure, I'd rather be running but hiking and snowshoeing is a good way to stay in touch with nature.  Here are the links to the photos I've taken on the last two hikes.

Middlesex Fells

Breakheart Reservation



  1. Dan, Somehow I managed to miss what happened to your neck in the first place, but back in April 2010 I had a major fracture of my C-5 vertebra from a mountain biking accident. Fast hiking and stationary biking saw me through. I'm planning a big running come back in 2011! Whether it really happens or not, I don't care. I'm just very happy not to be paralyzed! So stick with it, do what you can, and see you on the trails.

  2. Way to go still getting out there on the trails. Hope you are running again soon!

  3. Laurel
    I do remember when you got injured and thankfully you recovered well. Although I don't often post comments, I have been following your blog and training. You are doing the hard work so you will have an excellent 2011. Hope to see you at a few races. Not sure if I'll be ready in time for Northern Nipmuck though. That's probably a good thing!

  4. Dan come to the cape cod fatasss and run the first 5 mile loop : )

  5. Hey Dan,
    Sorry to hear about your injury - good thing you can get out and snowshoe and hike! The trails have kind of sucked for running anyway...
    I took your advise and ordered those DryMax trail running socks - can't wait until they get here.
    Thanks and take it easy!


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