Monday, May 31, 2010

May In Review, Strike Two

The best thing I can say about the month of May is "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out."  This was the worse month of (non)running I've had in over three years.  I started the month with severe knee pain brought on by a bad case of ITB syndrome.   My failure to recognize the injury early on and my attempt to run through it only made matters worse.  I finally stopped running when the pain started to interfere with normal everyday activities, like walking and sleeping.  Too bad it was too little, too late.

After three week of rest and PT my knee pain was beginning to subside.  I made a commitment to myself not to try running again until I went 10 days pain free.  I'm sure you know how well that went.  After five days my impatience won out and I went for a very slow and easy 20 minute jog.  It felt great to be moving again even if it was for a short time. I was encouraged that I made it through the "run" without any knee pain.  The day after the run I had some minor discomfort but no real pain.  Things were looking up!

Today, after two rest days, I tried another run.  This time around it didn't go as well.  I stated to feel some discomfort during the run and then the pain returned at the 20 minute mark. I immediately shut it down and walked about five minutes before the pain disappeared.  This was the second time in May I tested the knee and the second time I swung and missed. It's obvious I'm not ready to take on running in any form, no matter how slow or short it may be.  It looks like I'll need to take another month off which will totally blow all my summer race plans.  

It's going to be a long, boring summer....


  1. Hrr, sorry about that, Dan! I'd say, try to find something that temporarily replaces running. Hiking maybe? And who knows, maybe 2 weeks will be enough and you won't need to take another month off!

  2. Dan, have you looked into strengthening your VMO?
    In any case you've been injured before and know what it takes to not get toooo glum still it is yucky and an uber drag. Now it's time to take up some kayaking? You will be back and stronger. Patience...use the force.

  3. I'm quitting running and taking up couch surfing, drinking beer, eating potato chips and watching 150 channels of quality TV.

  4. Aw, Dan...I'm sorry. This does indeed suck hard core. But, 150 channels of TV? Man, you are going to be up to date on ALL the latest gossip, reality stars and sitcoms! Think how popular you will be at the water cooler! ;) JK...I know it is not funny at all...hang in there Dan, we are all rooting for you!!!

  5. Hang in there dan. Do some biking, hiking, gym workouts....something to kkep the fitness up and you will be running again in no time.

  6. Dan, sh-- happens, even to you :-) You need a distraction - a PHYSICAL distraction (vs. slothing) to keep your mind and body in shape during your running break. Biking or swimming are both great for this and can be done with ITB issues. I find endurance swimming in a lake gives me the same satisfaction as a long run - and you get into that ultra state of mind...feeling like you could swim forever. As for biking, I'm freaked out by all the possible trouble I could get into (i.e. crashes, crazy drivers, etc.) so use an indoor trainer called TACX - it is real-live videos of all the famous pro courses around the world. It's awesome and you can ride for hours and be entertained and seriously challenged.


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